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James Gray MP Update 17 December 20014

Peshmerga Christmas

“They came to my village and destroyed it and killed all the people – men, women and children – for no reason but being Kurdish,” said an old man to me on a visit to Iraq last week. I was there with the House of Commons Defence Committee visiting troops and government in Kurdistan, Baghdad and then Jordan. It was odd to be there so close to Christmas – hearing all the old names and being so close to Christ’s birthplace. The wicked murders across the North of Iraq – in Mosul, Tikrit and in so many little towns and villages brought to mind Herod’s villainous massacre of the first-born in an attempt to pre-empt any possible new ‘King of the Jews.’ Politics in the Middle East has not changed much in 2000 years.

James Gray Update 3 December 2014

Scotland, Immigration and Stonehenge

What a week for gargantuan Government announcements. First it was Scotland and, as promised, massive devolution of powers. 


2014 figures show more Wiltshire pupils are making good progress

Conservative-led Wiltshire Council is delighted that more primary school pupils are now achieving expected levels for reading, writing and maths according to the latest government figures.

James Gray MP Update

Money, money, money…..

The mysteries of the nation’s finances are quite beyond any normal person’s understanding. I think I was pleased to see the final costs of the First World War being paid off in last week’s Autumn Statement. But what about the national debt? What about the Second World War?

Wealth of Wiltshire Christmas Fayre 2014

The festive spirit will arrive at County Hall in Trowbridge this week, as Wiltshire Council hosts the Wealth of Wiltshire Christmas Fayre.


Andrew Murrison MP Update

Changes to stamp duty announced in the pre-budget statement will be welcome in our part of the country as they will smooth step-changes at threshold prices that distort the market and will mean that most people locally will pay less.  

Do not miss out on Wiltshire parking consultation

The Conservatives, who run Wiltshire Council, are reminding residents and business to have their say in a comprehensive review of car parking across the county.

Wiltshire Council Core Strategy gets green light from Government

Wiltshire Council's priorities for building homes and creating jobs over the next twelve years has been signed off by the Government's Planning Inspectorate and can now be formally adopted and used to steer development and growth across the county.

Wiltshire Council welcomes Government investment in A303 at Stonehenge

Wiltshire Council has welcomed the Government’s announcement made today (December 1) that a tunnel will be built on the A303 at Stonehenge as part of a £15bn investment in national road improvements.

Businesses help shape Wiltshire Careers Education Programme for schools

Businesses and schools have contributed to Wiltshire Council’s new pilot careers programme designed to help prepare young people for the workplace

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