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Pickles comes to Salisbury

Curry With Pickles

Conservatives win in Warminster

Conservatives win town council by-election with over 57% of the vote on 24 July

By-election on 24 July - Warminster Town Council

Introducing Paul Macfarlane, the Conservative candidate for the West Ward on Warminster Town Council.

Boris Johnson comes to Somerset

London Mayor, Boris Johnson, will be the star guest to raise money for the 4040 Battleground seats of Wells and Somerton and Frome. Please follow this link for more details

Conservatives top the polls in Wiltshire

In the European elections on 22 May the Conservatives in Wiltshire turned out in force and consigned the Libdems to third place. The results are as follows:

Conservatives: 46,306 (35.5%)

UKIP: 40,951 (31.39%)

LibDems: 13,260 (10.16%)

Labour: 12,961 (9.94%)

Green: 12,769 (9.79%)

In Independence from Europe: 2,005 (1.54%)

English Dems: 1,336 (1.02%)

BNP:  869 (0.67%)

Total of valid votes 130,457Total rejected votes 320

Vote on 22 May

Good News on employment Figures

Prime Minister comes to Wiltshire

Prme Minster comes to Wiltshire

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Meet the Prime Minster

The Prime Minister in the Bristol/SouthGloucestershire Area on Thursday 8th May 2014 in the evening.

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